Tina Yildirim

Mina Uppfinningar

InvivoPlay - digital way to meet your life coach and improve every aspect of your life.

Mina viktigaste uppfinnarråd

Do not give up - make mistakes, learn, and try again.




Tina Pulko
Mobil: 076-7878878
Hemsida: www.invivoplay.com

Kort fakta

  • Ort: Lund
  • Födelseår: 1982
  • Yrke: Business Mastermind at InvivoPlay AB
  • Bakgrund: Driven social entrepreneur at InvivoPlay AB
  • Familj: Engaged to Deniz Yildirim

I don't consider innovating as something you separate from other everyday activities or something that you just decide to do; it is a necessary part of every aspect of my life - whether finding a new business idea, or resourcefully solving a simple everyday challenge. I innovate every single day, all the time, since I can remember. It is a natural response; when I face a challenge, I find a way.

The biggest obstacle innovators face is lack of resources - time and money. You always have to sacrifice one to gain the other. And most of the time you have neither. I am lucky to have a great team helping me on my journey with InvivoPlay.

We have a website www.invivoplay.com and the applications for iPhone and Android. There you can find certified life coaches from all over the world that will help you improve every aspect of your life and achieve your true potential. Our goal is to reach millions of people and become one of the most influential technology companies in the world that creates a positive change in the society. Please visit www.invivoplay.com or download app to support our movement for the happier world.

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